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Recyclable Material


A-1 Disposal provides services for recycling many types of material. This includes cardboard, concrete, cement, metal, paper, plastic, trees, shrubbery, other types of green waste, and more! Recycling waste material is important because it saves energy, costs less, opens landfill space, and promotes environmentally friendly…

Utah Ranked in Nation’s Top Ten Green Buildings


According to an article by Deseret News reporter Amy Joi O’Donoghue, Utah has slipped its way up into the Nation’s top ten list for “green” projects, or environmentally sustainable buildings. These recognized projects incorporated features using less energy, water and reduced carbon emissions.

Welcome to Our blog!

Hey everybody! Welcome to our blog. This is one of several posts under our Articles page where you’ll be able to find relevant information, how-to articles, interesting topics, and more about waste management and recycling. To start, here’s a little something about…

Renewable Forms of Energy

Renewable Energy

Because of Earth’s limited natural resources, there has been a greater approach towards creating renewable forms of energy. And yet, not only are certain energy sources limited, but certain effects from power generation can impact negatively on ecological health. Renewable…

Paper or Plastic?

Paper Shopping Bag

Most of us want to create as little impact on the environment as possible, so when given the choice of paper bags or plastic bags while at your local supermarket, which would you choose? Here’s some things to consider: 1. Environmentally…

Landfills in the Salt Lake Valley are filling up fast

Waste Management Landfill

How long can we expect the Salt Lake Valley landfills to contain all our trash? According to an article in 2010 from by Amanda Butterfield, 1500 tons of trash is dumped at the Salt Lake Valley Landfill each day,…

Ways to Reduce Waste

Ways to Reduce Waste provides some helpful tips for reducing waste that we thought we’d share with you. Use cloth bags instead of plastic bags. Cloth bags are reusable, durable, and can carry more weight than plastic bags. Choose returnable, reusable, or refillable…