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Using Robots to Sort Trash


With thousands of pounds of trash being sorted through by workers everyday, one software developer had an intelligent idea that would provide an easy, efficient, and more productive way. The idea? Robots. Though used in nearly every manufacturing process, it…

Truck Drivers Part of a Neighborhood Watch


When people typically think of a safe community, the first thing that comes to mind is probably high-quality law enforcement. But in Knoxville, Tennessee, garbage truck drivers are providing an extra helping hand. Because drivers know their routes front and…

The Pollution of Delhi, India


With pollution in the air and contamination in the water, parts of India including the capital Delhi, are home to some of the harshest living conditions in the world. National Geographic created an in-depth article on the conditions of this polluted city….

History of the Garbage Bin


Garbage bins are everywhere, from our homes and businesses, to public parks and event centers. With these garbage disposals surrounding us wherever we go, how did they originate? Where did they start? And how have they changed? In this article, we hope…