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Trees / Shrubbery / Green Waste


Landscaping and construction projects can produce a variety of waste that includes trees, shrubbery and greenery that can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way and promote renewable energy. We have variable sized containers for you to select from…

Dirt / Ground Cover / Fill / Gravel


Bulk materials are available for a variety of home, business and construction projects such as mulch,topsoil, soil mixes, playground coverings, fill dirt, construction stone and decorative gravel. These products are a beautiful to enhance any type of property. Contact us…

Concrete / Cement


A great way to reduce construction costs is by recycling concrete and cement with A-1 Disposal services. It is usually much less expensive to Recycle Concreate, than it is to just toss it out with the trash. For new construction…

Construction Cleanup


Construction cleanup can include drywall, masonry, wood, cement, concrete or discarded landscaping materials. We have all types and sizes of containers designed to efficiently remove and dispose of all your construction waste in a quick and timely manner. Contact us…

New Construction


New construction projects can be overwhelming, which why we are here to customize a disposal plan that is specifically built for your needs and time constraints. Reduce the cost of your construction project by using our recycling and disposal services…

Roofing & Roof Tearoffs


Roofing materials from roof tearoffs are recyclable materials that preserve earth’s natural resources and protect the environment. We are Eco-conscious when providing you with containers for disposal. Our selection of variable sizes will meet the needs of any size project….



No matter how large or small your construction job is, it will produce trash, and recyclable materials. Let A-1 Disposal save you time, hassle, and money on your next Remodeling contract. At A-1 Disposal we have every type and size…