Roll Off Dumpster

What is a Roll Off Dumpster?

Similar to regular dumpsters, a roll off dumpster is simply a large waste container that is transported by wheels from a roll off dumpster truck. The name “roll off” comes from the mechanism of the truck raising its platform and having the dumpster slowly “roll off” onto the ground while connected to a cable system for smooth and easy transport. Likewise, when the dumpsters are picked up, they are again attached to the cable system and pulled back up onto the bed of the platform of the truck and locked in place.

Roll Off Dumpster Uses

A-1 Disposal has a large supply of Roll Off Dumpsters available as we proudly serve the Salt Lake area. A Roll Off dumpster rental is commonly used for disposing of trash, recycling, construction, and demolition waste. These large dumpsters are great when removing large amounts of waste, especially for home remodelings and renovations. Services for these containers can be rented out on a temporary or permanent basis. The basic requirements for a large container are to fill the bin with enough volume, or materials contained are of a larger volume.

Roll off dumpster filled with dirt

Which Bin Size Do I Need?

We know that sometimes it’s hard to decide on what container size is right for your project. Our staff can help! If you’ve got questions on what’s right for you give us a call at (801) 682-1275.

Roll Off Dumpster Sizes

Available dumpsters range in size from 15, 20, 30, and 40 Cubic Yards. We have a number of Roll-Offs available in different sizes to fit all your needs.


All available roll off dumpster sizes


Hazardous Materials

Due to regulations, medical waste and hazardous materials cannot be hauled off in our bins. To find out which materials qualify as hazardous materials see our Hazardous Waste Page.

For additional information on Utah’s local division of hazardous materials please visit Utah Department of Environmental Quality.