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Recycling (2)

What materials can I recycle?

A-1 Disposal provides services for recycling many types of material. This includes cardboard, concrete, cement, metal, paper, plastic, trees, shrubbery, other types of green waste, and more!

Recycling waste material is important because it saves energy, costs less, opens landfill space, and promotes environmentally friendly conditions for all types of life.

What kind of materials does your company recycle?

We recycle many things from, cardboard and paper, to single stream, plastic, glass, aluminum, metal, concrete, clean fill dirt, green waste, such as trees, shrubs, etc., Asphalt, sand, gravel.

Remember whenever recycling, please keep in mind that items should NEVER be contaminated with mixed trash, in order to recycle it.


Recycling saves you money, and the air we breathe stays cleaner!


For more information or questions on recycling you are welcome to contact one of our customer care specialists in our office at 801-534-7575

General Questions (1)

What are your Prices?

Pricing is usually a flat-rate determined by the size of the container, service location, and material type that is disposed of. However, If you exceed a certain weight it can cost more per ton exceeded. Give us a call at (801) 534-7575 and we can talk about what size of container you may need and what would be the best value for you. We have the most competitive prices in Utah!